Our customers’ satisfaction is a testament to the health and well-being of our baby parrots. We have a track record of positive customer experiences, with many happy parrot owners who have witnessed the joy and companionship these healthy parrots bring into their lives

Health Guarantee, As a family, we have loved, cared, and lived with different types of birds with over 7 years of experience. We do not consider ourselves commercial breeders because our birds are raised with a passion and unique kind of animal love. We specialize in happy, healthy, stress-free pet Parrots that make the perfect companion bird. African Gray Parrots For Sale

The adoption of parrots is a very serious thing since we are talking about animals born and cared for by us. For what we like to maintain direct contact with the future family, to be able to advise them about the tenancy and care, in a personal and direct way, so even if you decided to make the purchase On-Line, we beg you to stay in contact with us for future assistance.

 We guarantee that there are no symptoms of disease or parasites at the time of sale and that our birds are completely healthy. This means that our birds are free of viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal infections, and congenital defects.


All birds come with a 7 Days limited health guarantee. If not we will replace the bird or give a full refund on the purchase price if proven not to be healthy at the time of adoption. Once a bird leaves our home, circumstances and conditions are beyond our control, therefore we cannot guarantee the birds beyond these 7 Days. If your avian veterinarian performs a health examination within the allotted time period (7 Days) and discovers a problem too costly to cure, or a problem that cannot be cured, we will replace the bird with one of the same kind of value, or buy the bird back For that you must relinquish the bird back to me with a letter from the vet explaining the nature of the illness. This letter must be on the vet’s official letter pad with a vet rubber stamp seal.

The bird will be replaced or a refund of the full adoption price will be made. As with any living animal, fear, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, chilling, heat prostration, and other forms of stress can make a bird susceptible to illness. Which can potentially cause diarrhea, respiratory infection, and a variety of other illnesses? Exposure to other birds or cigarette smoke and other toxins can rapidly deteriorate birds’ health. That is why the guarantee only extends to (7 days.)


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It is understood that Seller will in no way be responsible for any veterinarian medical bills, including charges for a necropsy, or refund of any shipping charges if the bird was originally shipped to you. Buyer also understands that if the leg band is removed from the bird, the Health Guarantee is null and void. Health Guarantee, The veterinarian must reference band number with the reason why the band removed when explaining any disease or cause of death.

The health of the bird is guaranteed for 7 days through examination by an Avian Certified veterinarian at the discretion and expense of the buyer. If the bird is found to be of unsatisfactory health and written documentation from a licensed, Avian Certified veterinarian is presented, the buyer will immediately deliver the bird to the breeder and receive a full refund of the purchase price of the bird. This documentation must include band numbers and species. The breeder will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer during this time or for costs to return the bird to the breeder.

The guarantee is void if all the following requirements are not followed accordingly;

The bird must be quarantined away from all other birds and an examination by an Avian Certified Veterinarian must be done within 7 Days after possession. Parrot For Sale African Grey

If you currently have other birds or have had birds in the same environment within the past year, you must provide documentation of their health and past medical history. The reason for this is that many viruses can stay in the environment for many months after an infected bird is removed.

Weaning a baby bird

A weaned bird is one who can fill his/her own crop for a minimum of two weeks and maintain a reasonable weight prior to going to its new home. Because it is easier to sell an unweaned baby than a weaned baby, we charge extra to wean a baby bird. Price for weaning a baby bird depends on what type of bird it is or how old a baby is.